Save Game

It's a 3D space shooter game in which you play as a student in a spaceship that must defend their "game core" from unpleasant bugs and unwanted features.


Demons Run

It's a 3rd-Person, Hack 'n Slash game in which you play as an Inquisitor and have to fight a horde of demons, summoned by a mad painter.


Axl Eration

It's a FPS game in which you try to escape a spaceship which is filled with many dangerous foes who are trying to intercept your breakout.


Audio Specialization

During my time at The Game Assembly, there was a course in which I could choose anything I found interesting and immerse myself in it. Because I really wanted to learn more about audio programming, I took a rather big task which was to create and implement a echo plug-in using Wwise SDK.