Demons + Lead = Dead - Spring Roll

Top-down Shoot 'em Up - June 2017 - Fourth project at The Game Assembly

It's a shoot 'em up game in which a outpost is under attack by a demon invasion. As a cyborg, you and your loyal doggy-companion must eliminate hordes of demons in order to clear your base and save the remaining survivors.

Project Details

  • 8 Weeks (worked half-time in school)
  • Written in C++ programming language
  • Created with TGA2D game engine
  • Third-party software
    • Maya - Level editor
  • 9 Group members
    • 4 Programmers
    • 3 Graphic artists
    • 2 Level designers


  • Made a complete implementation of player's movement and roll mechanic
  • Made a complete implementation of AI's pathfinding using "A star" algorithm (inside a normal grid)
  • Made a predominant implementation of player's companion
  • Made a partial implementation enemy AI
    • Bomber's behavior
    • Melee's behavior
  • Made a partial implementation of blood particles